About the Photographer

A native of Austria, Hubert Schriebl came to Stratton on Christmas Eve of 1964. A ski and mountain guide working for the Austrian Alpine Club, he had been hired by fellow Austrian Emo Henrich to teach at the Stratton Ski School. Schriebl had a photographer’s eye—and the experience of photographing mountains on many expeditions, including going to the Himalayas four times and to Ellesmere Island above the Arctic Circle. At Stratton, he took photographs on the side, and the Stratton Mountain Corporation began using them in promotional materials. Since 1968, he has been Stratton’s official photographer.

In 1972, Schriebl was introduced to fellow Austrian photographer Ernst Haas, a pioneer in color and movement photography. Over the next decade, he accompanied Haas on assignments from the North Sea to the American Southwest. Schriebl has photographed everything from majestic mountains and Olympic downhills—having attended the Winter Olympics four times—to a bear cub in his backyard and flowers budding. His work has been featured in SKI, Skiing, GEO, Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and Vermont Life, and Stratton Magazine since its inception. In 2009, the Vermont Ski Museum presented Schriebl with the Paul Robbins Ski Journalism Award for his lifetime work photographing skiing and snowboarding in Vermont.

Schriebl lives in South Londonderry and is often found in the early morning climbing Stratton Mountain—a big smile on his face, a camera in his pack, and warm conversation for all those who join him.